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The Way Real Estate Lending Should Be

No one flips houses for a love of paperwork. So we created an all-in-one online platform to streamline everything.

Apply in less than 15 minutes for a loan designed for projects like yours. Then, get fully funded within two weeks and draw funds disbursed within three days from request.

As a real estate investor, you know how to move quickly so you never miss an opportunity. Now, you’ve found a lender that can actually keep up.

  • Flexible Programs

    Maximize your return with lower rates.

  • Quick and Easy Application

    Update your financials just once a year to fund new projects all year long.

  • Streamlined Processes

    Receive proof of funds in real time and get fully funded within two weeks.

  • Faster Funding

    Draw funds disbursed within three days to keep your projects moving.

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Time Is Money. Save More of Both.

Traditional Lending Process

Time Is Money. Save More of Both.

The traditional lending process isn’t just annoying—it actually costs you money. Redundancies, setbacks, and delays can cause you to incur more expenses or miss out on projects altogether. At Turning Point Lending, we offer a better way.

In addition to streamlined applications and fast cash, we offer creative loan programs designed specifically for real estate investors like you. We’re talking options like 100% financing of the rehab, 75% of ARV programs, low-rate loans for quick disposition, and three-day draw disbursals for easier cash flow.

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Fund Your Project in Three Easy Steps

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    We’re known for low rates and creative loan programs designed for real estate investors. Apply for your loan and get pricing within 24 hours.

  • Complete Online Application 02

    It shouldn’t take weeks to know if a potential project could become a reality. Our borrowers receive pre-approvals or proof of funds in real time.

  • Get Cash Fast 03

    Don’t miss an opportunity while waiting on money to come through. We fund loans within two weeks and disburse draw funds within three days.

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Built by Entrepreneurs Like You

We know what it’s like to have big dreams for the future. When the right opportunity comes along, your lender should help you seize it, not stand in your way.

That’s why we reimagined hard money lending. It’s also why we’re on a mission to offer a better experience to ambitious real estate investors like you.

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A Smarter Appraisal Approach

We’ve reimagined the entire lending process — and that includes an improved approach to appraisals you can trust.

Our experienced real estate appraisers are also real estate investors like you. They ensure your rehab scope of work and ARV estimates are accurate. Plus, since they understand how important it is to keep projects moving forward, they turn reports around quickly.

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Real Estate Investing

You’ve Found Your Tribe

We eat, sleep, and breathe real estate investing—just like you. When we’re not dreaming up ways to modernize lending, we’re gathering the latest and greatest house rehabbing resources.

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