Loan Programs for Every Need

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all hard money lending. We’ve designed creative options to better support you on every project.

  • New Construction

    Get Approved.
    Get Funded.
    Go Fast.

    • Property Type: Residential
    • Rates Starting At: 11%*
    • Loan Amount: $100K to $5MM
    • Max LTC: 80%*
    • Max LTV of ARV: 70%*
    • Loan Term: 12, 18, & 24 Months
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  • Traditional Rehab

    Apply for traditional programs but with more competitive rates and faster draw disbursement.

    • Property Type: Res & Commercial
    • Rates Starting At: 10.5%*
    • Loan Amount: $75K to $2MM
    • Max LTC: 90%*
    • Max LTV of ARV: 70%*
    • Loan Term: 6, 9, & 12 Months
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  • As-is Bridge

    Not all investments require rehabilitation, that’s why we offer this easy to use as-is program.

    • Property Type: Res & Commercial
    • Rates Starting At: 10.5%*
    • Loan Amount: $75K to $2MM
    • Max LTC: 90%*
    • Max LTV of ARV: 65%*
    • Loan Term: 6, 9, & 12 Months
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What are Fix-and-Flip Loans?
Simply put, they are loans that professional real estate investors use for both acquisition and rehab.  When the project is complete, the investor sells the property for a profit, hence fix-and-flip.


How does a Fix-and-Flip Loan Work?
At your acquisition closing, we help fund your closing and then hold back your rehab budget in a reserve fund.  As you complete repairs to the property, you request draws from your hold back reserve fund.  Once the property is 100% complete, we disburse the balance of your hold back reserve.  That’s how a fix-and-flip loan works.


I Can Afford to Fund the Entire Project Myself, So Do I Still Need a Fix-and-flip Loan?
In this scenario, you don’t need a fix-and-flip loan, since you have the requisite funds available, but one of the benefits of using a fix-and-flip loan is that it gives you better cash flow and hence better buying power.


Why Using Us for Your Fix-and-Flip Loan Makes the Most Sense?
At Turning Point Lending, we understand the needs of our fix-and-flip borrowers.  That’s because we started our careers as fix-and-flip investors like you.  We know you need expediency, and we know you need reliability.  We understand that from beginning to end, your fix-and-flip project is a juggling act.  Therefore, you need a lender who understands fix-and-flip projects like we do.


Are Fix-and-Flip Loans expensive?
On the contrary, a fix-and-flip loan is simply one of your soft or indirect costs associated with your real estate investment.  In the grand scheme of things, a well-managed fix-and-flip project wherein you go through disposition in six months or less should cost you no more than 6% of the loan amount.


How Long Does it Take for My Fix-and-Flip Loan to get approved?
At Turning Point Lending, we can approve your fix-and-flip loan in as much time as it takes your title policy to be approved.  Get clear title and get your fix-and-flip loan.


What Type of Properties qualify for Turning Point Lending’s Fix-and-Flip programs?
We do fix-and-flip loans for 1-4 family properties.  We don’t do fix-and-flip loans for 5+ unit properties, mixed use properties, or commercial properties.


Can’t I Just Go to a Bank for Fix-and-Flip Funding?
Traditional lenders do not do fix-and-flip financing, they don’t understand fix-and-flip projects.  Therefore, hard money lenders like Turning Point Lending are your go-to for fix-and-flip financing.


Are Your Fix-and-Flip Loan Terms Flexible?
We have numerous programs and terms, and we can structure your fix-and-flip loans in a myriad of ways.  We’re confident that our flexible loan terms will translate into you giving us your fix-and-flip business.


Final Words by Loan Experts
If you’re a fix-and-flip real estate investor we want to be your fix-and-flip lender.  Because we started out as fix-and-flip investors, we truly understand your needs.  We know that your fix-and-flip projects need a team to support them in order to ensure profitability.  You need responsiveness in order to win your fix-and-flip opportunities.  Our accurate valuations and streamlined application process ensure fix-and-flip success.  Lastly, we keep your fix-and-flip projects moving with our super-quick draw fund disbursals.